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27 Nov 12

Tis the season indeed, again we are engulfed in the holidays where everythings so wonderful…yeah right, some of you are saying as you read the beginning of this post…life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I’ve heard that before and this is where that negativity needs to stop!  So I thought I would give all of you who take the time to read this a MASSIVE LIFE CHANGING TIP.  This tip is very simple yet very powerful, matter of fact it’s a tip that I learned from a multiple seven figure income earner that has changed multiple lives spiritually and financially.  This tip I’m speaking in regards to is writing down the LIST of Things You Are Thankful For.

I recommend you change your thoughts to having a gratitude attitude and this list is something you should read often, not necessarily daily like you should your goals although it’s okay if you do.  Let me give you some examples do you have arms to hug, hold and use?  What about feet to stand, walk and run?  What about a shelter a place to lay your head, food even if it’s very little, people that love you and care about you?  A job even if it’s not the one you really would like, a car, a family, health maybe you survived a major health issue the list goes on and on and you can even add to it but what I’m going to do now is show you a few pictures to give you a REALITY CHECK!!!  

Be grateful for your life like Nick Vujicic



Do something that will allow you to impact the life of others, you as one person can make a significant difference in the life of many.

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26 Jul 11

Everyday is a risk so why do we treat that word like it is so scary to us?  Many of us are just barely getting by in life and we live a life full of worry like what if I… but what might happen if I…!  I already know most of us will feel in the blank with issues and problems instead of positive statements like what if I…, then I can actually go…, and my life will completely…!

We must not continue to live a life of just being mediocre when we can live a life of greatness.  You were destined for greatness you just need some one or a group of people to believe in you more then you believe in yourself, their are people out there like our Freedom Force Team and other groups but I can only speak for what I know specifically to be true.  It’s time for you to draw your line in the sand and to make that commitment and unwavering decision to never go back to the way that things use to be.  You may be thinking well how do I do that?  You need to connect with the person who led you to this webpage and take action based on step by step direction that you are given.  My friends you have NO TIME to wait like my buddy GJ says choose action right now!

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