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26 Jul 11

Everyday is a risk so why do we treat that word like it is so scary to us?  Many of us are just barely getting by in life and we live a life full of worry like what if I… but what might happen if I…!  I already know most of us will feel in the blank with issues and problems instead of positive statements like what if I…, then I can actually go…, and my life will completely…!

We must not continue to live a life of just being mediocre when we can live a life of greatness.  You were destined for greatness you just need some one or a group of people to believe in you more then you believe in yourself, their are people out there like our Freedom Force Team and other groups but I can only speak for what I know specifically to be true.  It’s time for you to draw your line in the sand and to make that commitment and unwavering decision to never go back to the way that things use to be.  You may be thinking well how do I do that?  You need to connect with the person who led you to this webpage and take action based on step by step direction that you are given.  My friends you have NO TIME to wait like my buddy GJ says choose action right now!

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27 Jun 11

So you’ve seen these things before time and time again, you know your uncle Bob’s, aunt Susie’s friend Beatrice’s Sister had you show up to a secret “meeting” that she wouldn’t tell you about.  There it was for the first time or maybe the twentienth time a bunch of circle’s on a whiteboard forming the shape of a “PYRAMID” but this time it just made so much sense like the last hand full that you were a part of, that you thought the same thing, that you got into, that didn’t work!

REWIND (old cassette tape rewind sound).  That you got into that didn’t work because you didn’t work it the right way through getting proper training and taking action and treating it with importance like it was a job and not a hobby that costs you money!  (DOES THAT SOUND MORE LIKE IT, I MEAN BE HONEST?)  I thought so.

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