27 Jun 11

So you’ve seen these things before time and time again, you know your uncle Bob’s, aunt Susie’s friend Beatrice’s Sister had you show up to a secret “meeting” that she wouldn’t tell you about.  There it was for the first time or maybe the twentienth time a bunch of circle’s on a whiteboard forming the shape of a “PYRAMID” but this time it just made so much sense like the last hand full that you were a part of, that you thought the same thing, that you got into, that didn’t work!

REWIND (old cassette tape rewind sound).  That you got into that didn’t work because you didn’t work it the right way through getting proper training and taking action and treating it with importance like it was a job and not a hobby that costs you money!  (DOES THAT SOUND MORE LIKE IT, I MEAN BE HONEST?)  I thought so.

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