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15 Jan 12

This is a major AHA moment this is a vehicle that is like an unstoppable mass we are not surprised but we are blown away… If you have been wondering, considering, evaluating, contemplating or just flat out unsure as to if you should Join ViSalus and The Body by Vi Challenge as a customer or a promoter, this should help you make a simple decision.  You’ve got to jump on board with this if it’s just to make your body feel great or if it’s to create significance in your life financially.  We Are The Challenge check out this press release below and watch the video we are waiting to help change your life right NOW!

All ViSalus Co-Founders Continue in Leadership Roles and Invest $14.6 Million Stake in Parent Company Blyth, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – ViSalus, the ultra-premium lifestyle company delivering cutting-edge products via the Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge, today announced that Blyth, Inc. has completed the third of a four-phase acquisition of ViSalus.  Under the terms of the acquisition agreement between Blyth and ViSalus, the acquisition payments are based on an amount equal to a multiple of ViSalus’s earnings.  The amount on which the payments are based has increased to over $250 million for 2011 compared to approximately $16 million for 2010. ViSalus’s sales have increased to $231 million in 2011 from $34 million in 2010. Continue Reading

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21 Jul 11

I don’t talk much about companies in my personal growth, prospecting and recruiting blog but, my oh my I had to talk about this because it’s NEVER been done before in our industry, EVER.  ViSalus is seriously like the Energizer Bunny of the pack they keep going and going and going and…

This is absolutely nuts a company giving away ten million dollars in product, prizes and vacations. It has recently been very CRAZY when I’ve had several leaders in the network marketing arena that I know, take a solid look and evaluate ViSalus Sciences and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and they come back to me saying WOW!  The meaning of WOW is the verb meaning “overwhelm with delight or amazement”.  Folks this run has not happened before and will not happen again and hasn’t happend for over 25 years with Nuskin.  When I say this run I mean this serious strategic mapped out run to a billion dollars in our industry annually and NO Monavie didn’t do it they fell short for a billion dollars annually although they came close.

The Downfall of MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sells in 2008
Yes it happened all of a sudden one morning we woke up and crash with a loud explosion our country went into a serious recession and everyone was affected.  The industry dropped by 40% and the extra vitamins and juices and makeup and services and travel etc… that was not a necessity, was dropped from the average and above average Americans budget.  We are talking about checks that were absolutely cut down as well big time, people who were well off in MLM to I better go get a job and yes even ViSalus was affected.

Years Ahead of The Competition Because of The Economy
Fortunately before the economy tanked they were growing at a good rate and they were fortunate to have a company that had a vested interest and very deep pockets to the tune of over a billion dollars, Blyth, Inc.   Because of them and our minor success track record Blyth granted ViSalus the funds to be able to go back to the drawing board, like a company that never launched, like a company that had that one very, if lucky chance a company gets to reinvent themselves.

The Problem and The Reinvention Of An Industry
Quick history, 2009 is here and 3 very diligent and wise co founders Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola started putting together the master plan.   All of it was centered around the Dale Brown Challenge that Ryan Blair was on because no one was talking about the products but everyone in the company was talking about the challenge Ryan was on.  Because of all that hype it all just made sense thus they birthed the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Now the problem and the issue that this great industry of MLM has with most people is most don’t achieve success.  Why?

  1. Because most people are trying to sell a product or sell people on a comp plan and how you can become rich and how they are going to quit their job next week.
  2. Most companies teach you to sell the opportunity and most companies become rep consumption based instead of customer consumption based.  (They teach you become a product of the product which is important BUT that doesn’t mean if you are in a service based company you now go out and get extra services you don’t need like my buddy Karim did with his company) Rep based consumption means NO TRUE RESIDUAL because true residual is from customers reordering a product month after month.
  3. Most companies are set up to where the guy at the top continues to win and the little guy coming in who aspires to be great can through massive work ethic but most of the time struggles and is continuing to put funds into the business while they don’t have much to show for it if anything, and then they quit!

So How Is ViSalus Changing MLM
There are several reasons and I’m not going to sugar coat I’m just going to share with you what others have shared and what I know.

  1. Every great company becomes great by coming up with a simple solution to a major existing problem.  The major problem ViSalus is solving is an epidemic called obesity over 70% of the population is overweight of 30% is clinically obese.  With all the fast food joints around that problem will continue with lack of awareness and a simple solution to our fast pace lives.  The solution is the Body By Vi 90 Day Health Challenge.
  2. ViSalus is not teaching it’s rep base or customer base to sell a product or an opportunity but to instead tell people “I just found out about a 90 day health challenge, my goal is to ___________ in 90 days.  You’ve got to hear about this… then send to simple message.  They aren’t teaching their reps to be at a party or bbq and start talking about 20 anti oxidants and 30 fruits and berries and triple patents and placebo tests etc… because seriously think about it if you were to bring that up at a party or bbq it’s not natural and your friends would probably tell you, go get a drink.  But on the other hand same party and you mention something about a 90 day health challenge that is more of a natural conversation and naturally everyone likes a challenge don’t they.
  3. Driving the behavior is our 3 For FREE program – ViSalus dealing with the same economy as everyone has cracked the code because our message is simple, it’s based on a meal replacement shake.  So it’s not costing people more money out of their budget, in fact it’s saving them money and is an answer to a bad economy and bad health.   Also customers or reps can get their products for free month after month by referring 3 people on the same kit or a higher kit in value and their next month is FREE.  KABOOM!!
  4. The comp plan is very generous in the beginning for that person who’s never done network marketing or has.  Matter of fact they show people how to simply make their initial investment back within their first 7 to 30 days with urgency and importance because of a monetary goal that’s tied to that first 30 days.  They also give away a BMW bonus in the beginning of their comp plan just the second rank in which is Regional Director and that is unheard of in this industry.  Most companies give away the car at the top of a comp plan when the person who achieves the bonus doesn’t need the car and can afford whatever car they really want.  Fact is ViSalus is averaging over 12 BMW qualifiers per day and have already given away over 3,336 BMW bonuses to qualifiers to date.  The pay plan is also very generous in the middle as you move up the ranks and it’s absolutely just as generous in the end with infinity overrides on your team.  It’s not MAGIC just reality and ViSalus is making it just that by all the stories of the average person achieving success right now.

Giving Away $10,000,000 in Products, Prizes and Vacations WOW!!!

This is the game changer when a company is giving away more money then most Network Marketing companies pay out to their field that’s called a BIG CLUE! :-)

The Next Generation of Networking Tools!

  • ViSalus is the industry leader in integrating web 2.0, social media, and Mobile technology with its next generation platform – Vi-Net!
  • Vi-Net is the entire ViSalus Community ONLINE & on your PHONE!
    • Highlighted in Network Marketing Business Journal & Direct Selling News.
  • Vi-Net Feature Highlights:
    • Facebook-like Vi-Net profiles for every ViSalus Customer & Distributor
    • Community page that shows status, videos, photos, & blogs posted by the entire ViSalus community.
    • One click “share” button to email, Twitter, or Facebook any piece of media to team or prospects.
    • Marketing Center to manage multiple ViSalus WebPages, email campaigns, & prospect manager
    • Training Center with company and Distributor generated library of online video training.
    • Health and customer tools & education.
    • Real time customer & group management reports and charts.
    • Real time “what’s going on” feed displaying team activity.
  • ViSalus teaches Social Media Marketing and how to promote the Challenge and make money via websites like Facebook & Twitter.
  • FREE Vi-Net Mobile application available to all Promoters: View features at: www.mobile.visalus.com
  • See What’s Going on in the Vi-Net Community Right now!

The ViSalus Body By Vi Secret Is Getting Out
The Wall Street Journal, Direct Selling News, Networking Times, Home Business, Success From Home, Video Plus etc…

Professional Athletes and Celebrities on the Challenge
Hulk Hogan, Master P, Romeo Miller, Steve Harvey, Derk Chetwood General Hospital, Rick Herbst Bold and the Beautiful, UFC fighters Ryan Jensen, Houston Alexander, Marcus Davis, Ryan Jimmo UFC’s Light Heavy Weight Champion, Phil LoGreco WBC International Champion Boxer, Lester Patilla Six-Time FSKA World Karate Champ 41-50yrs
NFL:  Matt Lehr Former NFL and Bodybuilder, Deuce Letui Arizona Cardinals, Tim Watson Kansas City Chiefs
Professional Fitness Competitor:  Gretchen Coley, Courtney Hill, Cassandra Govan, Models:  Doug Seibert, Brian Carr
Biggest Losers:
Cheryl & Daris George Season 9, Phil & Amy Parham Season 6, Filipe and Sione Fa Season 7, Ken Canion Season 3 the list goes on and on for all the other celebrities, pro athletes and competitors on and joining the Challenge.

Like it or Not ViSalus Is Changing MLM and They Are #1

Over 41,000 new Challengers joined in June 2011 alone!!
Explosive Revenue Growth double digit compound growth for 18 months in a row 20% compound growth right now
June 2011 is +567% of June 2010
1 out of 4 promoters getting their product for free!
Over 7,000,000 yes million pounds eliminated
ViSalus Sciences Receives Turnaround Award at the DSN Global 100

Get back with the person who sent you to this detailed analysis on How ViSalus Is Changing MLM or

  1. Call 507-726-3700 press number 1 for english or 2 for spanish or 3 for french and then press 1, 2 or 3 for 3 similar overviews about ViSalus Sciences and the Body By Vi Fastest Growing 90 Day Health Challenge in the country.
  2. Then if you are open to more information go to http://www.FastestGrowingHealthChallenge.com my number
    is present on that site and feel free to call me directly.  Granted we are crazy busy we are looking for more customers and promoters of the Fastest Growing Health Challenge in the country so if I don’t answer please leave a message and I will help you out.  Thank You

P.S. We all have a story in life and if you don’t like your story then change it right now because all hype aside just based on shear facts an opportunity like ViSalus Science and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge doesn’t come but once in our lifetime and this is your one shot to completely change your story, TAKE IT, DON’T JUST WATCH IT GO BY so my question to you is…
Are you up for the Body By Vi Challenge?


Madiba Thompson


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7 Jul 11

This DISGUSTS ME that everyday for 9 months of the year or more from the age of 5 to 17 then on to college for how many ever years depending on what formal college education you get, we are taught these famous lines and I will let you complete them yourself.

The Script We Were Given

“Well, you’re 5 years old. It’s time for you to start going to __________.  At school, follow instructions, study hard , and get really good ___________.  That way when your 18 you can get accepted into the best ___________.  At college, study hard, and keep getting really good _____________.  That way when you graduate you will get a good ____________.  Be honest, work hard, & that job will take care of you for the rest of your ___________.

“Living the American ___________”


YOU must take a stand funny that this video posted 2 days after a very significant celebration called INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Friends, Family Whoever YOU are reading this.  This is a clue, this is the same type of enormous clues that successful people I know leave, it’s just as plain, it takes just as must action, it’s simply which action are you taking. You see every minute of your life is a risk but my question is why RISK for something that you can’t control, SERIOUSLY.  Here’s possibly an example of your daily script or someone you know.  Alarm goes off, hit the snooze button, finally wake up, shower, $5 coffee, don’t eat because you don’t have time, hit the same daily bumper to bumper traffic, get to work around the same time, punch the clock, take your break, take your lunch, get back into your car, hit the traffic again, go home, watch your tv show, eat some fast food, go to sleep and start all over again.


Just like crossing a street let this be the street or crossroads where you STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! Please!  Listen to this advice BIG TIME!  We are right now going on a very significant journey with the same amount of time in the day and no extreme skill needed because of the system we have in place.  I’m talking about young adults like Tyler 24 yrs old who in 45 days hit a top rank with us and was awarded a $25,000 bonus check, or like Dale and Red who were retired and living on so little that they were fed up and went on a 90 day run and also received a $25,000 bonus check on top of all the other money they made and both now passively make a  6 figure residual income.  This money isn’t made because we are all special, all we did was we just changed directions because we did STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN AND ACTED on advice from people who had achieved some of the things we wanted in life!!

I say to you today Stop living your life according to someone else’s terms, stop living life by default and start living life by design! Now take a couple of minutes and watch this powerful video below about LIFE by Blake Mallen and when you are finished connect with the person who sent you to this blog post or connect directly with myself and our Freedom Force Team so we can help you literally Force Freedom! Because frankly like the post my friend Dennis Johnson posted on my Facebook wall today “We all stand on the edge of greatness…but only some of us are willing to LEAP OFF that edge.  Sometimes a leap of faith requires a hard PUSH!!!!”

Let me help push you and lets connect today go to http://www.AnewYearAnewYou.biz

Madiba Thompson

Dedicated To Your Success,

P.S. If this post inspired just one person then I’ve done my job because that’s exactly how lives are changed one person at a time.  Like my buddy GJ says “Choose Action, Choose Action NOW!”

P.S.S. Share this post through your social network by clicking one of the social media tabs below also feel free to comment on this post and let us know how you feel about this rude awakening or this situation.

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27 Jun 11

So you’ve seen these things before time and time again, you know your uncle Bob’s, aunt Susie’s friend Beatrice’s Sister had you show up to a secret “meeting” that she wouldn’t tell you about.  There it was for the first time or maybe the twentienth time a bunch of circle’s on a whiteboard forming the shape of a “PYRAMID” but this time it just made so much sense like the last hand full that you were a part of, that you thought the same thing, that you got into, that didn’t work!

REWIND (old cassette tape rewind sound).  That you got into that didn’t work because you didn’t work it the right way through getting proper training and taking action and treating it with importance like it was a job and not a hobby that costs you money!  (DOES THAT SOUND MORE LIKE IT, I MEAN BE HONEST?)  I thought so.

Well guess what Continue Reading

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13 Jun 11

If you are not where you want to be in life don’t point the finger unless you are looking into a mirror.  Seriously to many times we set ourselves up for failure.  I was recently in San Francisco Bay Area at a personal growth company event and one of the speakers Blake Mallen, who became a millionaire by his mid 20′s was talking about how we as a people constantly disempower, instead of empower ourselves.  We think about all the things we don’t want to happen, instead of what we want to happen.  It starts from being a kid with a huge imagination that I will talk about later in this short post.

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
Success and failure really does start from childhood, a perfect example was the field trip I attended with my daughters 3rd grade class.  We climbed all the way up a 104 step rounded staircase to the top of the Pioneer or the Gold Man at the Oregon State Capitol building.  When we got there our guide started spouting off all sorts of interesting facts like how long ago we got this gold man and how he weighs 8.5 tons hollow and is 23 feet tall and because back then we didn’t have cranes, we had to use man power leveraging the weight of the gold man through a pulley setup.  It ended up taking several men 3 days splitting shifts 24 hours a day to successfully get this Gold man up 180 feet to the top of the Capitol building.

With such a major operation at hand these men could have easily come up with the excuse that they couldn’t accomplish this massive feat at that time.  Strong mental attitude equals the mind is powerful, if you make an unwavering decision to do something.  If you do this the mind will help you solve the problem.  However if you decide to think of all the things that could stop you then the mind will help you not get it done just as well.  “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill.

What A Man Thinketh…
At this point in our life we must take responsibility, we have to stand up to the things we fear, we have to realize if it’s meant to be it’s up to me, we must take right action to achieve right results.  We will have trial and error, but theory and actuality are two completely different things, that’s why 2 hours in the field is worth 100 hours in the classroom as I was taught from a very successful friend of mine.

The unfortunate part about the kids in the field trip is a lot of adults act the same way as kids with what we’re taught and what we still teach in life.  Most of us live life in what if’s land.  Example the lady who was speaking started talking about how the Gold man was put up on the top and there was nothing fastening him to the Capitol.  So in 1993 we had an earthquake and when they went to examine the goldman they noticed a ring to one side because he had been jolted and moved over.  Thankfully it wasn’t 10 seconds longer or he would have fell 180 ft to his destruction.  So due to that tragic possibility a massive renovation took place and iron bars were placed through the gold man and he was put back up safely secured to the building in case of another situation like that one.  Once she mentioned this the kids started having wondering what if thoughts and saying things like what would happen if a tornado hit it, what if another earthquake happened etc…

This makes me think of reps in our industry that think they need to know everything about everything before they go talk to people.  They say things like what if they ask me what’s in the product, or the compensation plan or what if the video doesn’t play the same on Internet Explorer as it does on Firefox or what if they don’t like it.  Stop setting yourself up for failure!  What if you had no one to depend on, what would you do then?  What if you start taking daily action?  The funny thing about a mirror is when we point at it the only person it points back to is ourselves, the only reflection you see is yourself.  What if you don’t like what you see, then make the correct changes to get what you want and live a life worth reflecting on.  Simply start taking daily action, simply take responsibility my friends point finger at mirror and when you do this you will get what you want.

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