7 Jul 11

This DISGUSTS ME that everyday for 9 months of the year or more from the age of 5 to 17 then on to college for how many ever years depending on what formal college education you get, we are taught these famous lines and I will let you complete them yourself.

The Script We Were Given

“Well, you’re 5 years old. It’s time for you to start going to __________.  At school, follow instructions, study hard , and get really good ___________.  That way when your 18 you can get accepted into the best ___________.  At college, study hard, and keep getting really good _____________.  That way when you graduate you will get a good ____________.  Be honest, work hard, & that job will take care of you for the rest of your ___________.

“Living the American ___________”


YOU must take a stand funny that this video posted 2 days after a very significant celebration called INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Friends, Family Whoever YOU are reading this.  This is a clue, this is the same type of enormous clues that successful people I know leave, it’s just as plain, it takes just as must action, it’s simply which action are you taking. You see every minute of your life is a risk but my question is why RISK for something that you can’t control, SERIOUSLY.  Here’s possibly an example of your daily script or someone you know.  Alarm goes off, hit the snooze button, finally wake up, shower, $5 coffee, don’t eat because you don’t have time, hit the same daily bumper to bumper traffic, get to work around the same time, punch the clock, take your break, take your lunch, get back into your car, hit the traffic again, go home, watch your tv show, eat some fast food, go to sleep and start all over again.


Just like crossing a street let this be the street or crossroads where you STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! Please!  Listen to this advice BIG TIME!  We are right now going on a very significant journey with the same amount of time in the day and no extreme skill needed because of the system we have in place.  I’m talking about young adults like Tyler 24 yrs old who in 45 days hit a top rank with us and was awarded a $25,000 bonus check, or like Dale and Red who were retired and living on so little that they were fed up and went on a 90 day run and also received a $25,000 bonus check on top of all the other money they made and both now passively make a  6 figure residual income.  This money isn’t made because we are all special, all we did was we just changed directions because we did STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN AND ACTED on advice from people who had achieved some of the things we wanted in life!!

I say to you today Stop living your life according to someone else’s terms, stop living life by default and start living life by design! Now take a couple of minutes and watch this powerful video below about LIFE by Blake Mallen and when you are finished connect with the person who sent you to this blog post or connect directly with myself and our Freedom Force Team so we can help you literally Force Freedom! Because frankly like the post my friend Dennis Johnson posted on my Facebook wall today “We all stand on the edge of greatness…but only some of us are willing to LEAP OFF that edge.  Sometimes a leap of faith requires a hard PUSH!!!!”

Let me help push you and lets connect today go to http://www.AnewYearAnewYou.biz

Madiba Thompson

Dedicated To Your Success,

P.S. If this post inspired just one person then I’ve done my job because that’s exactly how lives are changed one person at a time.  Like my buddy GJ says “Choose Action, Choose Action NOW!”

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  • Jamie says:

    Grrr… We need to all take a stand for ourselves !! Don’t let others dictate and tell you how your life is going to go!!! Take Control !! Yes You CAN !!!


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